Denise’s Election Platform

Strategic Real Estate Development

Stakeholder involvement of both Residents and Business Owners

Offering Preferential treatment to Teaneck Residents and our Senior Citizens for Affordable Housing Development – this will require exploration of the creation of a Housing Authority in our town and Bonding.

Why Mixed-Use Development = Trend is toward making neighborhoods walkable with easy accesses to various types of businesses i.e.- Restaurants, Retails, Art Galleries. If that is the trend the Master Plan, Town Council, BOA and PB must proactively respond encouraging this type of development. Currently there are 3-4 businesses that are being displaced (asked to leave from current leases) or they will see a substantial increase in their rents.

Real Estate Developer Relations and Best Practices: Guidelines to Development in Teaneck Town Council, BOA and PB Members must be reminded that they represent the residents and businesses of Teaneck, NOT THE DEVELOPER! There must be guidelines to development with an eye on comprehensive plan that listens to the stakeholders in the town. We must stop siding with developers that propose development that is a complete departure from the Master Plan and their attorneys that seek loopholes that circumvent the system. Case in point, an attorney for a developer stated that notice required to be given to residents within 200 ft radius was necessary due to an obscure law that no one was even familiar with. We must stop to development that seeks to usurp the authority of the Master Plan and depends on Development by Variances. We must stop development that seeks to change the look and feel of our town. Composition of the Neighborhood (Mix-Use). We must demand that Developers pay for Impact Studies that define the impact of their development on our towns Infrastructure (Schools, Transportation, Parking, Emergency Services) These Impact Studies must be completed in ADVANCE; a preface to the development not an afterthought.

Expand Business Student Internship Opportunity Program

Invest in Business Incubator Center to support our small business owner and professional service providers